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COVID-19 Response


Typically, Common Place Projects specializes in creating inspiring, physical experiences and community-based placemaking projects. But, when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, we had to adapt like so many other businesses and community members. Even though these were unprecedented times, we knew that creativity wasn’t being cancelled, and we wanted to remind everyone that we could all still be creative, get inspired, and feel connected.


In response to stay-at-home orders and in the weeks and months that followed, Common Place Projects launched a project series and microsite called Shared Experiences which put together some fun activities, creative prompts, and community-driven projects in order to help keep us all connected while we felt so far apart. In addition to the projects we created, the site also included a curated feed of fun activities, arts and culture, virtual programming, and more from other creatives around the world, as well as a donation section which highlighted several non-profit organizations whose efforts were essential during the early days of the pandemic.


Scroll down to see some of the projects that we designed and the kind of creativity and connection they inspired!


During the stay-at-home period of the pandemic, our lives were anything but normal. With new routines, people were getting out for more walks to get some exercise, for a change of scenery, or for some fresh air. In order to enhance our collective experiences as we ventured outside and into our neighborhoods, Common Place Projects called on our communities to have a little fun and share or create something inspiring to hang in their windows to help brighten the day of neighbors as they passed by.


Joining the Window Gallery Project helped make those strolls, runs, and dog walks a bit brighter, as the window galleries added some color to our neighborhoods and let people know that we were in it together. Participants also shared their window gallery creations via social media, which created a virtual community that spanned across states, countries, and continents.


The height of the pandemic left us all wishing we could hug our best friend or kiss a far away loved one. So, while we all stayed home to keep each other safe, Common Place Projects designed and developed a virtual postcard program —GIF-Tree— as the next best thing.


A series of animated, digital artworks with inspiring, funny, and heartwarming messages were created that could be emailed along with a personalized note directly to the inboxes of friends, family members, colleagues, etc.


Common Place Projects turned some of its original surface designs into free coloring pages. For anyone who was looking for a little break, a moment of meditation, or an activity to do with family, the coloring pages could be downloaded and colored digitally or printed out and colored by hand. The designs included something for everyone —from classic patterns to geometric designs to mesmerizing mandalas.